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Data recovery
Data recovery on damaged hard drive

Data recovery on damaged hard drive

There are different reasons for a hard disk failure. Symptoms of hard drive failures are:

  • Windows or Mac OS to format
  • Your computer will not boot
  • You no longer see some partitions as D: or E: or drives do not mount in the Finder on your Mac
  • The hard drive is not recognized by the computer
  • Suddenly you have a blue screen or Kernel Panic
  • Windows or Mac OS freezes forcing you to restart your computer
  • A message appears tells you that your hard drive is not recognized or is no longer available
  • Unable to find your operating system at startup
  • Some data are not available
  • Your hard disk is damaged, vibrates, or makes a popping noise or hiss ...


Solutions exist to recover data from your failed hard drive. You can contact me for more information.